About Us

EASY CLUB LTD was incorporated in 1996. Its main business is the manufacture of socks. On the market we are well-known with our trademark COTTON STEP.

Our popularity on the local market and abroad is due to the high quality technologies that we use, the excellent quality and innovative approach in design.

We have developed a number of models and structures, which are unique as to technology and quality/price ratio. In the pursuit of our idea for ongoing renewal of our assortment, we create new collections such as PROFI, MARATHON, X-TREME, SILVER, GOLD and SKI. Please visit the section “TECHNOLOGIES” to learn more.

Both local and foreign traders show interest in our products. We are correct and loyal partners to big renowned companies like GLOBO and ETHNODESIGNS - Germany, SOCKS APPEAL - France, N.E.L.I. - Canada, RED SKINS - Greece, SIRENA - Norway, SEVEN SECONDS etc.

Another our advantage is that thanks to the flexible management of our production, we are able to perform in short terms small boutique special and custom-made products according to the customer's requirements - something, which is profitless and even impossible for big factories for mass production. Our approach is individual to satisfy to the highest extent the requirements and the expectations of each client.

Among our clients are many Bulgarian companies with personnel wearing uniforms, different organisations and societies, fashion boutiques, brand outlets, schools, golf clubs, sport teams, etc.

We have the experience, the knowledge and the technologies.  We will continue to work hard with focus on quality, creative thinking and most of all respect to the user!